Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Tuesday: What's the buzz? beanbag tutorial

These days, cell phones are everywhere. We talk, we search, we surf...it is like a tiny computer in your pocket. If you are like me, your cell phone is on all the time. Recharging is a necessary evil. Problem is that if your phone is on vibrate (like mine is...always) while charging, it make a god awful noise shaking against the table, the counter, wherever it lands when it shakes onto the floor.

It came to me (as the phone was rattling and buzzing away next to my head while I was trying to sleep) that my phone needed its own little bed.

Today's "How Tuesday" tutorial will focus on a little rice-filled bed I crafted up for my lil' buddy. It is a variation on a pretty basic beanbag pattern, so the uses are many.

I used a 10x10 piece of flannel, some fun trim and rice as the filling.
You could also use beans or popcorn.

Stitched on the trim with my trusty old featherweight. If your machine
can do decorative stitches, this would be a great spot for them.
You could also top stitch or embroider a design.

Folded the piece in half and pinned the right sides together.
Sewed one long edge and one short edge closed.

Turned the piece right-side out and filled with rice.
I used about 1 3/4 cups.

Folded the rough edges under and sewed the open end closed.

Ahhh, a restful place for my phone to charge.
By utilizing smaller squares, you could make beanbags for the kids.

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