Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stitchy Saturday: Steering Wheel Cover

I live in the heart of Central New York. That means hot summers and frigid winters. All summer long, I have been burning my hands when I hop in the car after work.                           

I know that before long, my fingers will fell as though they are freezing to the wheel. It was time to add a little more me into my ride while helping myself out at the same time. The steering wheel cover coordinates with the seat belt cover that I made earlier this week.                     

Nigel, my Beefeater co-pilot approves.


Measure the circumference of your steering wheel. Mine was 46 inches. Also measure the diameter (mine was 4 inches). Cut a length of fabric to that length, adding an inch to the width for seam allowances. 

Fold over the edges and stitch as pocket for the casing. Using small elastic, stretch it as far as it will go before cutting it to the length of fabric. Because it is stretched, it will be much smaller when you release it after cutting. Thread through the casing (I used the old safety pin threading technique) and sew down at each end. I went over each end several times. Once both sides are threaded and secured, fold in half  with right sides together) and stitch into a circle. Flip back to the front and you are almost ready.

Take a moment to distribute the fabric around the elastic.                                                                 
It looks a little like a fat worm before you do!

Install and you are ready to protect your hands in style!

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