Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stitchy Saturday: TARDIS Plushie...finally!

I will finally have sweet dreams tonight! I finally finished my TARDIS plushie. The Doctor and all things Whovian will be dancing through my dreamland.

Earlier this week, I completed and tinted my TARDIS embroidery project. I then cut out around the form with sharp shears and placed it on my backing fabric.

  I traced around the form with a chalk pencil and cut it out. 

I pinned the right sides together and stitched them leaving a scant seam allowance. I then turn them right-side out. I used a pencil to make sure that my light and corners were out fully.

I grabbed a couple handfuls of polyfil and went to work stuffing, again making certain that it went into the light and corners.

Using the whip stitch, I closed up the open end.

Ready to get my Saturday night cuddle on during the show!

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