Saturday, March 31, 2012

Globe Day 2012

Today, I got to go back to my earliest artistic roots. My first and most long-lasting artistic endeavors have been in the theatre. For the last 28 years, it has been the backbone of my creative life.

 I have run the gamut from stage crew to actor to stage manager to director. I had the chance today to uphold a Homer High School tradition. Since 1969, HHS has erected a replica version of London's Globe Theatre. It has undergone some changes in the last 43 years, but it remains the jewel in the Homer Shakespearean Society's crown.

The apron waiting to be assembled.

It represents much more than our mutual love for Shakespeare; however.
It reminds us that we are part of something much bigger and much longer lasting than ourselves. It creates a sense of community so cherished that people remember both the first and last times that they put it up.

The author, multi-tasking on bracing duty.

This program and the students who work there way through are part of the structure of my lie. If I am not rehearsing a show, I am researching the next one. Plans get made around rehearsals and set construction, students cease being children and become friends. 

Some of my proudest moments have happened there and I am forever grateful for the chance to share them.

The Globe Theatre of the Homer Shakespearean Society

Friday, March 30, 2012

Defining order

Until very recently, I have been pining away to be a "real" artist. I have dabbled in many art forms from live theatre to jewelry to needlework, but have never really considered myself to be a legit artist. Upon reflection, I realized that that simply isn't true. 

The time that I spend during my day creating are my happiest hours. Sharing what I create gives me even more joy. It hit me that because no one else had identified me as an artist, I couldn't identify myself. My feelings were as jumbled as my embroidery basket.

 Sure; I design and sell my jewelry, I pinned tons of projects, I was making a quilt top and have several needlework pieces working, I am in rehearsal for a play yet I felt that because I sit behind a desk most of my day, I could not  be an artist.

 I considered what was more important: being called an artist or actually being an artist. 
Others would only recognize me that way once I did. Plans began to form and things began to come together.

I decided to spend more time dedicating myself to living as an artist. I decided to start this blog to chart that journey and begin to give back to a community that provides so much inspiration. I hope that as I grow, so will what I am able to contribute. I hope you stick with me as I grow and be the artist I know I am.