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  1. Louise, I came by because you commented on my tote bag at Sara vs. Sarah. You've got a great start here! I definitely think you've earned the right to call yourself an artist. --Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah, that means a lot coming from a super-crafty and talented lady like you.

  2. Louise,
    I am trying to give you stuff! I am cleaning out my studio. There is a lot of good stuff in there. There is a lot of crap! It may not be crap to you, but you have to look at it and decide. There are 4 o5 5 years of Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors which are way cool magazines if you are not familiar with them. Books, fabric, tools. They are all yours. We just have to find a way to hand them off. email me or erin. Hugs, Corinne