Monday, September 10, 2012

Metalwork Monday: Upcycled Soda Can Jewelry

So, it is fall. Well...almost. For some reason, fall always brings out the Depression-era Weas. Maybe it is putting up food, maybe it is school supplies... regardless, I have decided to make things of other things this week (and if not actually MAKE things, fancy them up a bit!)  Welcome to Weasinart Upcycle Week.

I snagged some soda/seltzer cans from the recycling bins at work. I used my French shears to cut them apart. Aluminum is so thin though, you could use just regular shears/scissors.

I used some fun inexpensive paper punches to cut out some shapes. They don't normally work on metal, but again, because soda cans are so thin it goes right through.

I punched holes in the pieces with  hole punch pliers, but you could use a pin or needle.
I made a pair of earring from the Coke can hearts, a pendant from the Canada Dry can, and a super fun star bracelet from the seltzer can.

I used jump rings to attach the stars to one another and added chain to make it the appropriate length.

A fun and inexpensive way to jazz up your outfits and recycle!

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