Monday, September 3, 2012

Metalwork Monday: TARDIS Shrinky Dink Bracelet

It's back! The new series of Doctor Who premiered on Saturday night here in the US and Whovians everywhere were glued to the screen. In honor of the that, it is Doctor Who Week AGAIN here on Weasinart! First off, this super fun TARDIS pattern bracelet made from Shrinky Dinks.

I found the pattern that I wanted and printed it out of Shrinky dink plastic sheets as per the package directions.

I cut out circles using a circle template and a very sharp pair of embroidery shears. Since the holes shrink too, I tried some with a standard hole punch and some with a jewelry punch.

Before baking (as per package directions) with a spoon for scale.

After baking, again with the spoon for scale.

 I grabbed some cut glass faceted beads that reminded me of the TARDIS and space in general.

I connected the beads and the TARDIS pieces with wrapped loops.

Love the look!

Finished and ready to rock during every new episode.

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  1. Hi! can you rol me the pattern please? :) I just want to make a Hand warmer with this pattern cause it's just gorgeous