Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Tuesday: Confetti Tumblers

Today is one of those posts that you see all over Pinterest and just have to try yourself. These glasses are so cute and whimsical that I will enjoy my morning juice that much more. They would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays as well. 

I had these glasses in the back of a cupboard, but this would be a great project for thrift store treasures or Dollar store bargains as well. In addition to the glasses, I used acrylic paint and sealer. That's it! If you don't have sealer/fixative,  you could also use clear nail polish. If you don't want to seal them, you could use them as votive holders.

You could use any many colors as you want. I chose three bright colors but I would also love to do an ombre style set as well. I laid down the colors one at a time make a variety of sizes of dots. After each color dried completely, I put down the next color.

After the glasses dried overnight, I gave the bottoms a quick coat of spray sealer.  I stayed away from the edges where I would be drinking!

Great for a picnic or a casual dinner at home :)

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