Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Embroidered Sketchbook

Today was a rough day. As a gal with MS, there are little challenges that I have to deal with daily. Tinglies, numbness, fatigue are part of my life. Not that it is a huge deal and not that I am not blessed, but some days it just adds up. I had a MRI scheduled for this morning. I got to the Imaging clinic on time, changed into my gown and was ready for a slightly loud and annoying process. Little did I know how annoying...

Part way through the process, the MRI machine broke...with me in it. Oy.
It put me off my game for the remainder of the day. Play rehearsals start next week and I had hoped to get projects for next week done tonight. Nope. Next week may end up being pretty slapdash if it gets done at all. Double oy. 

In the spirit of the new beginnings of the school year, I decided to embellish a Moleskin sketchbook cover. Play rehearsals always stir great new ideas.

I am happy to share this pattern if anyone is interested...stay tuned!

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