Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stitchy Saturday: Embroidered Sketchbook

Fall is a time for new beginnings, I think. I know that Spring is a more commonly held time to start anew, but the new school year always makes me more creative. I adore Moleskin notebooks of any kind, but wanted my fall sketchbook to echo that sense of what could be. 

I started out with a plain Moleskin cashier notebook and a couple colors of floss.

I freehanded a thought bubble and question mark on the cover. I stitched the pattern using the back stitch for the bubble, split stitch for the question mark, and french knots for the dots. 

I decided that even though the stitching was fine, I wanted to protect it from the inside so it didn't get snagged. I grabbed one of my favorite pieces of scrap fabric from a previous project, my pinking shears, and some spray adhesive.

I measured the inside cover, making sure not to get to close the the edge.

I applied an even coat of spray adhesive to the back of the fabric.

Voila! A sketchbook as lovely on the inside as the outside! 

Ready to be filled with new idea, sketches, and blog plans!

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