Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Upcycled Cookie Tins

This has been one of THOSE projects. Boom! Great idea. Get supplies. Try it. Mess it up. Stash it for a few weeks. Try again. Another mess. Finally, quasi-success! 

You may remember the meltdown of a few weeks ago when I doubted all my crafty prowess and drive. It was because of these cans. The paint bubbled. It ran. It peeled right off. I cried. 

Then I did some research. I bought paint with built-in primer this time and I sanded them first.

The sanding roughed them up,but also left some strange texture on the cans. Next time, I will use a finer grit.

The project couldn't work out just right, however. One of my cans of spray paint had a piece missing from the nozzle. Oy. BTW, spray paint is most easily removed with cooking oil. Nail polish remover will NOT take it from your nails!

After they thoroughly dried, I got to embellishing. I used plain old school glue and buttons to decorate the top of this one. I also glued some ball fringe around the bottom of the tin.

I glued some thin ribbon into the grooves and used a pouncer to make some fun dots around the bottom.

 Looking great and full of buttons :)

Ready for a flower pot and some sunshine!

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