Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Funday: Let the sun shine in!

Today is a grey day, inside and out. The weather is going was 90 on Monday and flurries are in the forecast for tonight. Ugh. The up-and-down weather is going hand-in-hand with my mental roller coaster. I am trying to make some life-changing decisions. Scary stuff. Right now, I need a little more sunshine to help me out. 

Luckily, earlier this week, I finished a quick little sun catcher project to keep the sunshine in.
It is nothing super-difficult like stained glass. It is a project that you could easily do with the kids!

My sun catchers add a little something extra
to my studio windows.

First, I traced my designs onto vellum paper. I purchased
mine at a local art supply store but you can
easily find it online.

I cut some tissue paper into squares to decoupage
onto two of the circles. 

They curled as they dried, so I sandwiched them
in plastic wrap and weighted them as they dried.

I painted others with watercolors that I heavily diluted.

These curled as well, so I used coins to weigh
down the edges.

Once the dried, I mounted them on the window with
double-sided tape. If you wanted to hang them, you could create
frames from card stock to mount them in.

You could also use vellum to add a little something extra to cards and invitations.

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