Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Think Tank: To theme or not theme, that is the question...

I enjoy being a crafty blogger. I am part of a great community. I read an embarrassing amount of other blogs. I enjoy the challenge of sharing my work with you all on a daily basis. My photography, admittedly, needs more refining. My readership is tiny...for now. I don't think that I will be the next Martha Stewart by any means, but I am enjoying the process. 

My sweetie gave me a variety of Moleskine notebooks for Christmas. I must admit to more than a passing fancy with them. I have been using them for years, but have taken to carrying one with me at all times. Inspiration strikes at the oddest times and is stimulated by the oddest things. My notes are frantic and frenetic. Some pages have organized lists, others just random scrawls. I love it.

In addition to working in the real world, designing jewelry and crafting up a storm, I also direct plays at the local high school. We are just a few weeks away from our spring Shakespearean production and life gets a little crazy. I also have a craft fair, a consignment order, and a juried art show coming up. No rest for the crafty...

As I pondered how teachers and Moms get through super busy times, a thought occurred to me: themes. Already each day of the week, weasinart has a theme, but what if I combined a daily craft type theme with an overarching weekly theme? I decided that at least until the show is performed it is a good way to stay focused. 

Upcoming theme weeks will include lace, sun, floral, Doctor Who, upcycling, and birds. The plan has further organized and focused me as an artist. 

If you have any themes that you would like to see, please leave a comment. I am pretty open to suggestions.

I whipped up a really quick project this week based on a post that I saw on Pinterest. I don't see much point in "pinning" inspiration if you are never going to use it. Not original, but I like it:

T-shirt necklace/scarf: the finished product

Found a slightly stretch shirt that I wasn't really wearing much and cut 1-inch loops.
Make sure to keep the side seams intact.

As it stretches, the loops roll in on themselves.

Paired it with some fun bird earrings that I made to
 "spring up" my outfit.

In action at the office, stylish and fun!

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