Monday, April 2, 2012

Where I Was Meant To Be

After a long hiatus, I was finally able to get back in the studio this week. My first crafty love has always been jewelry and I am proud of the successes that I have had selling my work.
Lately though,it has been difficult to focus on that work. Embroidery is infinitely more portable, quilting is quieter (a consideration you have to take when living in a duplex), rehearsals are time-consuming and there is also the challenge of staying both current and original.

For my re-entry piece, I decided to really challenge myself to see if the passion was still there. I had worked in colored anodized aluminum previously, but had never stamped words onto it. I also had a sheet of mica kicking around the studio that I had never used. Was it best to attack it with French shears or a jewelers saw? Would it crumble if I tried to rivet through it? 

Experimented with opaque white marker and paint pen.
The marker worked much better, but needed several passes for full coverage.

Cut cloud shape with jewelers saw and textured it all
over with a chasing hammer.
Also used the saw to cut the aluminum.
Used the shears to cut the mica. No breakage but some
crackling along the cut line. Works for this design.

Utilized a variety of files and sanding mediums to smooth out the edges.
Deckled the edges of the silver cloud.
The finished product. Cold connected the three units with
brass eyelets. Measures about 2 1/2 inches. Very lightweight.

So, the spark, however dim is still there. I have a consignment supply to create, a craft show to stock, and possibly even an art show to make pieces for. Time to get back in the saddle in a major way. Keep an eye open next Monday for a new piece.

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