Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Lace-covered Shoes

Pinterest is a tricky things--fitness tips and decadent recipes, beautiful products and awesome DIY projects. Sometimes, my pinning eyes are too big and I get excited to do hundreds of fun ideas. Of course, who has time to them all. This girl is making time! A very popular pin right now is for fabric/mod podge shoes. I decided to take it to a Weas level and cover them with lace.

-Mod Podge
-Foam Brush
-Clothes pins

Cover the shoes liberally with mod podge, starting in the front.
Because I used canvas shoes, I filled the toes with tissue paper.

Use a piece of lace slightly loner than the shoe. Starting from the
fron,t pull the lace over the shoe. Split the lace over the opening of the shoe
and smooth over each side.
I used clothes pins to secure the lace while the glue was drying.
It was a good theory, except the pins stuck to the glue :(
Next time, if I use clothes pins, I will cover the shoe with plastic
wrap first.

Use an exacto knife to trim the excess lace around the sole.

Wear and be prepared for the compliments!


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  2. I've never seen mod podge shoes before. Are they very stiff after they dry?

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