Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stitchy Saturday: Sleeping on Sunshine Pillow

Challenges are...well..challenging to an aspiring uber-crafter. This week, I decided to make a pillow. Not a plain ol' pillow, but a round embroidered pillow. I have embroidered plenty of things, but never anything that was actually going to be used. I have also never made a round pillow, much less a gusseted round pillow. 

Well, challenges were meant to be conquered!

The final product! I will add a little more batting next time.

I made a gusset from a leftover piece from a fat quarter.
I sewed the strips together and then pinned the right sides of that
and the front together.

Ramses wanted to help me pin!

After sewing the gusset to the front, I pinned it to
the backing piece. I had to remember to leave a spot to stuff.

Turned right side out and ready to stuff.

Detail of the gusset and the layers together.

I am very pleased with my first attempt and look forward
to creating more intricate pillows as gifts!

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