Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Funday: And this is where the magic happens...

I have been very blessed. I was able to take 3 days off this week and just create. I made some many things that I am more certain that ever that that is what I am meant to do. Some were challenging,  some bizarre, some really fun, and some really satisfying. 

I have added a few more techniques to my jewelry design, but more on that soon...

I am also blessed that I don't have to shuttle my creations to and from the dining room table or carve out a teeny tiny corner for myself. Since becoming a solo house occupant again, I have been able to dedicate not one, but two rooms to the things I love.

Wanna see?

My jewelry work bench. Behind me is the drill press/flexible shaft.
The vice is on the right and the bench pin on the left.

The shipping area. Also where I keep catalogs and magazines.

For painting, general crafts, drawing, and gift wrapping.

I used to work in beads and still have a ton on hand. This is also where
I keep chemicals, patina agents, and safety equipment.

I love this space too. I use it for cutting both fabric and paper,
doing decoupage, and other things that need more space.
It is right next to a window and makes me smile.

My trusty Singer Featherweight. I love it. It sits parallel to me credenza which
houses office supplies and my printer. And my crazy aloe plant...
I reupholstered a drum throne as my sewing stool (watch for an upcoming

Next to my machine, I have fabric storage. Scraps are sorted by color
in the shoe boxes and larger pieces are sorted by fabric type.

Admittedly, this is a wretched photo. Out of focus for sure. But I HAD
to include a photo my my organization center (which includes my dress form,
Matilda) and the famous "Wall of Cute." It makes me smile.

There it is, my work space. I hope it inspires you to carve out your own little creative space.
 It inspires me everyday!

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  1. Hi - I see that this is an old post but hoping you'll see my comment! :)
    Re. your Singer machine; I'm looking at one on Craig's List as a backup machine. It looks exactly the same as yours; same table and everything. Can your machine be removed from the table and placed on another table for use? I'm wondering if it'd be a feasible travel machine. You can email me at if that's easier. Thanks!