Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cute as a Button

What a productive week! Most "normal" people would view Sunday as a day to rest and reflect. Not me...Sunday=Funday...a chance to make or do something frivolous and fun. Today, that meant doing fun stuff for this blog. I made a fun and super-easy project for How Tuesday, worked on next week's Foodie Friday (and got an awesome breakfast with my sweetie out of the deal), bought some new supplies (!) and tried some new techniques for Work-in-progress Wednesday and finally did my own  take on a project that I had admired on Freckled Nest

Leigh Ann had designed a fun and easy project to evoke spring. It was a rainy gross day here in the Northeast and I wanted a little sunshine. 
I decided to add some rick rick hills for fun!
I added some additional elements like rick rack hills, grass, leaves, and felt flower cut-outs behind the buttons. I am rather thrilled with the results!

It will add a little fun and whimsy to my office and remind me that there is always time to make something great. 

If you'd like any details on the construction, please let me know!


  1. Your skills grow with every embroidery project! I love this! I want a sheep jumping over a fence next please. :)

  2. that looks really awesome!! i love your adaptation :) xo