Monday, April 16, 2012

Metalwork Monday: Sunny Day...Sweepin' the clouds away

It is a beautiful day here in Central New York. I am back to work and rehearsal and away from the studio, but have a ton of great news ideas and exciting new supplies.

Many people get down in the winter, myself included, and I always look forward to the re-growth afforded by spring. I have always seen it as a time for new beginnings and fresh ideas. Plus, sunshine makes me much happier. 

As I look to my future, I am feeling a little stuck. But with the love of a wonderful man, new ideas churning, and the sun shining, I think I will make it over the hump.

As my projects this week are designed to keep that sunny feeling going, all year long if I can manage it.

Fun sun earrings--I used a rubber stamp and ferric chloride
to create these fun little guys. I added a super-sparkly Swarovski crystal
to shimmer like sun beams.

A more avant garde steam-punky type sun earrings.

The new toy!!! Cant't wait to really start creating some awesome embossed
metal with this!!

Not at all metalwork related, but I also just designed this poster for the play
that I am directing. 

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