Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stitchy and Stock-Up Saturday: Being a Local Tourist

I woke up this morning already in a good mood--Friday date night included a trip to not one but TWO thrift where I stocked up on things like framed, horribly painted canvas )which I will cover with all due diligence, linens and fabric, and some old Doctor Who comics to use for an upcoming project (yay!). 

I arose early to get some projects started/finished before my sweetie and I went off for a day of adventure and inspiration. I finally got the tiny owls from Wild Olive framed and hung, fabric selected for tomorrow's project, and did some prep for some upcoming posts. I felt very accomplished...all before 10am.

Our day of adventure began at the Everson Museum of Art where we took in a great special exhibition of the work of Robert Henri, some some great enamel work, and tons of cool ceramics.

After a tasty deli lunch, we headed to Mecca Commercial Art Supply, where I purchased some great new supplies and ogled a ton more. Is there anything more wonderful than looking at 2673 varieties of paper, 896 shaded of paint, and 438 types of drawing implement? I think not. If anyone wants to make me VERY happy, take me there and give me a gift card. HAPPY WEAS!

Following our lovely arty excursion, we headed to the mall for a teeny bit of shopping and a movie followed by an awesome Indian meal. Seriously, yum.

Not much creating today but tons of inspiration and lots of great time with my guy. Have the next three days to wallow in my craftcation and just MAKE STUFF! Super excited!

Progress report on Sweet Dreams Sheep: each sheep takes me about an hour. Just need to finish Blackie and do some fun Lazy Daisy flowers.

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