Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Funday: Crafting through the Crap

Today was not what I expected. Last night, I was incredibly excited to get up at make things. And then, I actually did get up. All the problems of my real life kind of piled up and knocked me back down. I am having a down day to be sure--insecurity, career fears, monetary issues--things that we all deal with but I have been having an especially hard time with them this week. It is hard to think about just creating when everything brings up another issue.

After a long talk with someone incredibly dear to me; I got up,  put on my favorite working ensemble and put up my hair. I got out some supplies, turned on Mad Men and got to work on today's projects.

 I was, and am, distracted. I mis-measured some of my fabric because I was thinking of something else. I had to pull out seams because my mind wasn't completely on my task. I struggle to stay in the zone. After a while though, I got into more of a groove. Cutting table, sewing machine, ironing board, cutting table, sewing machine, ironing board...

My seams are not straight. My composition could have been a little better. But I made something. I intend to make more as the night goes on. I have two more days to do whatever I want. I have a huge list of blog topics and an even longer list of projects to work on. My mood is still not great. My mind is still flitting, thinking of problems. But it also thinking about thread, fabric, glue, tag board, and metal. 

Many people say "Fake it 'til you make it." I say "CRAFT THROUGH THE CRAP."

One of my two fabric inspiration boards.
I chose several fabrics that I hope to incorporate into
a quilt. I decided to put it on my cutting table to keep
me focused and inspired.

Sadly, this hair means business.

Four themed fabrics sewn into a panel.

After sewing together and pressing, I wrapped the panel around
the glass of a frame that picked up at the thrift store.

For my second panel, I used an old gilt frame that I also picked up
at the thrift store. It was trickier since it was older
and had last been used for a professional
framing job.

Added it to my inspiration wall near my sewing machine.

Fabrics that I absolutely love.
I am definitely making this into a girly
birdy quilt.

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  1. This is good stuff -- i think the relatability re: "Crafting through the crap" really adds on top of the craftiness qua craftiness! Onward and upward....and occasionally crapward, but not for too long.... ;-/