Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stitchy Saturday: Lace Headbands

Wearing lace can be a little tricky. A gal can end up either looking like a baby or a granny. That's why these headbands, designed by the super-talented ladies at A Beautiful Mess are perfect. Their design was for a head band using three types of lace, but I decided to experiment with some single pieces of wide lace too.

I only planned on making one. But, I ended up with four
and plans to make more.

The original design called for lace to tie under your hair, but
thought that ribbon would work better and be a
little more fun.

Measure across the crown of your head, from just under your ear.
Cut one-three pieces of lace and 2 pieces of ribbon.
I used 12 inches of ribbon per side.
I stitched the ribbon to the lace with embroidery floss.

Perfect for a busy day in the studio.

Six hours later, and my hair is still in place :)

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