Monday, April 30, 2012

Metalwork Monday: Folded Flower Pendant

Being sick has one or two tiny advantages. Instead of roaming around spreading the plague, I have been able to do lots of designing and some creation between meds, tissues, and tea. Yay!

I spent time this week experimenting with new techniques and tools and am pleased with what I have learned. Stay tuned for future posts featuring these great new design elements! 

One of the simplest new techniques that I tested was folding my flowers rather than dapping or doming them. It needs a little refinement, but am happy with my first attempt!

I folded and curved a nickel and copper flower blank and
riveted them to a brass filigree flower to create the pendant.

The tools: blanks and filigree, hole punch, design stamps,'
round nose and chain nose pliers, rivet/riveting tool, hammer,
bench block, marker, liver of sulfur.

I drew a large asterisk on each flower. It is a little
messy, but they will buff out when I polish them.

I punched a hole in the center of each and stamped
the edges of each flower.

I used my chain nose pliers and folded each flower by
placing my pliers on the marker lines and bending
the flower towards the pliers with my fingers.
After I bent the flowers all the way around, I used the round
nose pliers to curl the ends of all the petals.
Because the hole in the filigree is larger, I also punched
a hole in a small copper blank to hold the rivet on.

I layered the 4 pieces and attached all three with an eyelet.
It is ready for a jump ring and chain!

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