Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The chain stitch and I aren't speaking.

News flash: I am a perfectionist. Sometimes to  a fault. I would prefer to be awesome at everything the first time that I do it. 

Reality check: Not gonna happen. The chain stitch hates me.

I learned to embroider by reading online articles and watching videos by Wendi Gratz. I have make lots of cute things that I adore having in my studio and have even designed my own pattern. I support other stitchers by buying patterns and reading embarrassing amount of blogs, frankly.

It occurred to me that the best way to do something is often the old school way. I mean old stitch by candle light, working through a sampler old school. Granted, samplers were traditionally done by 6 year old girls way back when. The chain stitch probably loved them. (It senses my frustration, I think.)

I combined the old school with the new. Rather than being sat down by my granny, I downloaded a couple of guides to work from, one from Windflower and one from DMC. I plan on working my way completely through each guide. I whipped out an awesome vintage oval hoop from Sew Green, which is a local sewing store that is supplied by donations. It is a huge hoop and it was only $3.

I was trucking right along with some basic stitches: back stitch, whipped back stitch, split stitch, stem stitch, fly stitch, lazy daisy...and it was all going wonderfully, until I came to the chain stitch. It seems so simple. But it lies. It is an evil stitch bent on my destruction. I will show it...I am gong to pick it out and start again. Who's tough now? Anyone have any tips? Help a gal out here!

Progress to date (except the evil chain):
Going for the color spectrum theme.

Isn't that hoop awesome? LOVE it!

Marking out the lines.

Let's do this!

Sweet dreams sheep--DONE! It will have an excellent home.

The wall of cute in the sewing studio. Love the
patterns by Penguin and Fish and .Wild Olive
Still have the otter to stitch up :)

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