Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Tuesday: Printing with Lace

I enjoy being girly. I am obsessed with dresses, painted toes, and fancy pastries. What is more girly than lacy stationary? Nothing. Here's how you do it:

The finished product!

The supplies include:
-blank cards or card stock
-brayer (it would be even better to have two)
-glass surface (I used an old collage frame)
-block or screen printing ink
Using the brayer, spread a layer of ink onto the glass.
lay the lace on top and run the brayer over it until the
lace is saturated.
Place the lace on the card. Cover the lace with a piece
of paper and roll a clean brayer over it. I only had one, so I used a can
from my pantry,
When printing photo mats, I used painter's tape to create mitered
corners. Place the tape in the corners, print the area, and remove the tape.
After 30 minutes, place the tape on the already printed sides and complete the frame.

Now you can share your girly tendencies with the world! Perfect for
wedding or shower invites, birthday cards, or just staying in touch!

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