Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sprucing up my storage: DIY Lace Ladies

As I may have mentioned earlier this week,  I may have an extensive lace collection. My favorite pieces are old and handmade, but they were languishing away in a storage box and not really being enjoyed or appreciated. That is until I came across this post by Creative Carmelina! 

I used her general idea, but utilized different ladies from The Graphics Fairy and slightly different materials and I am very pleased with the results!

I feel all fancy now. They are on display in my sewing area
to inspire me while I work.

I sized the graphics on my computer and printed them out in color.
It would also be fun to play around with sepia and back and white.

I attached each image to a heavier backing with a glue stick.
I did the first two on illustration board, but it was VERY difficult
to get clean  cuts. I applied the rest to a recycled shirt box from
my wrapping stash.

I added a 4 inch (okay, except for one that messed up) "leg"
portion to wrap the lace around.

Part of the stash! I used a tiny piece of tape to adhere
it to the legs and them put a pin in it to secure the end to the
rest of the lace.

Ready to display and enjoy!

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