Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Re-purposed tins...sorta

Sometimes, a project just doesn't work out the way you hoped that it would.

You think that you are prepared with the right tools. You are excited for the outcome.
And wham. Failure.That can really take the wind out of your sails.

Re-purposing cookie tins seemed straight-forward enough. 
Some cans, some paint, some tape=something cool and usable
Seem being the primary word here. This is what I did and what I will do to actually fix the problem. I hope.

I gathered my supplies: tins, painters tape, and some Krylon mini-spray paints.

I laid down a nice coat of paint. Or so I thought. I was a little too close and a little too heavy-handed with the paint. There was a little bit of running and some bubbles. 

Lesson 1: Next time, stand further away and be more sparing with paint.

After a bit, I used tape to mark out a design and gave it a spray with another color.


After a while longer, I pulled off the tape. And much of the paint. Ouch.
I was very upset that the project went belly-up. I stomped and stormed around for a bit. My poor sweetie had to deal with me doubting my abilities, this blog, and my foul mood.

Lesson 3: Sand the pieces first.
Use Indoor/Outdoor spray paint.
Have patience.
Try again.

Stay tuned to see if this project can turn around and become something wonderful.