Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Embroidered T-Shirt...and Weasinart

This weekend, I had a meltdown. I had a project that I was working on and it was going all wrong. I was frustrated...very frustrated. It made me second guess all that I was doing and frankly, why I was doing it at all. Why am I doing all these projects? Why am I writing this blog? Is anybody even reading it? You know, one of those "self-doubt, nothing that I do is worth anything, I should just quit" meltdowns. And I almost did.

I don't have the answers to all those questions yet. I know that I like to work with my hands and make things. I know that I like relating what I do to the rest of the world. Readers? Well, hopefully they will come with time...

Meanwhile, as I am sorting out the why of the blog, I really want to make it better. I am thinking and wondering. What will make the blog better for you? More photos? Better photos? Different layout? Different features? Please let me know. 

While I switch things up and make them better, I am working on several other projects in the Weasinart:

A free-embroidered t-shirt

Upcycled Canisters (or: "The Meltdown Project")

A fat quarter apron

A steering wheel cover and match seat belt cozy


  1. It may not be all good (as in "it's all good") but is more than good enough. Most the time. :)

    1. I don't suppose you could make the "captcha" challenges less vigorous. They do impose a significant challenge to posting....

    2. I have no control over their difficulty, but I may be able to disable the function.