Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stitchy Saturday: Embroidered Shirt

I have long loved embroidered Mexican blouses and skirts, but I am a small gal. That much pattern can overwhelm a small frame. I have also always wanted to try stitching on a knit. This project allowed me to control the amount of embroidery and experiment with a new technique.

For this project, I used a cotton v-neck shirt from
Old Navy, T-Shirt Stabilizer from Sublime Stitching
and was inspired by a pattern from So September.

Because I was free-embroidering, I wasn't sure how big the
stitching would become. I decided to iron stabilizer to the
entire collar area.

I began with vines stitched with split stitch.
I used two different shades of green.

To add flowers, I used lazy daisy stitch, 
french knots, and satin stitch.

I am really excited to layer this over
a coordinating cami and rockin' it
with a pair of jeans. Love it!


  1. oh! this is beautiful! makes me want to learn all of those stitches. I didn't know about the t-shirt stabilizer either. By the way, have you ever heard of a book called, Woman's Day Book of American Needle Work? By none other than Rose Wilder Lane?? I have that - given to me by my Aunt

    1. Thanks Breida,
      I am a self-taught stitcher with lots of help from the video series by Wendi Gratz. Her blog is awesome.
      I may need to seek out that crafting library always needs more great finds.
      Have a wondrous day!

  2. Wow its look more beautiful after embroidered shirt. Your stitch is perfect suits on shirt. Also I get idea for embroidered work on cloth.

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