Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful and Thinkin' Thursday: Blog Love

This week, I have been all about becoming a better blogger.

 In addition to my lil' idea Moleskin, I have started a blog binder with ideas and weekly plans. I was already doing that in my little book, but it was so crammed, it was tough to find anything.

While I was out flea marketing and thrifting this weekend, I bought several blog styling items (just wait until you see the vintage kitchen scale that I got got $3.99!). In speaking to the vendors about the blog, several wanted to check it out and I had to scrawl the URL onto scraps of paper. So, I decided to make blog specific business cards. They should be here next week!

In addition to registering for Paid Discovery on StumbleUpon, I started a month long sponsorship on one of my most favorite blogs, Wild Olive. The only thing that I would have done differently would be to make the text bright pink like on my new business card. No click-thrus yet, but fingers crossed.

I have also been faithfully brainstorming, sketching, listing and of course, pinning.
New themes in the works (Doctor Who Week II coming soon!) and I am excited for the direction that I am taking. I have also changed the photo format, added some new widgets, and have tightened up my overall tone! SO EXCITED!

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