Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Freezer to Crock pot Stock Up

These last bountiful days of summer remind me of how busy the autumn can be. School starts here soon, which means that my days become so much longer with play rehearsals nightly. While I do have some wonderful parents who regularly bring me dinner since I go right from work to rehearsal most days, it is nice to know that healthy homemade food is available to me with a little work beforehand.

As always, I tried to find inspiration from other bloggers. This time I really hit the jackpot! Stephanie from Mama and Baby Love has recently published a really wonderful e-cookbook of recipes that you prep with all raw ingredients and freeze. Each recipe goes directly from the freezer to the crock pot. AWESOME!

 I chose eight recipes for my initial stock-up. Each recipe will fill two gallon freezer bags. I decided to half each recipe for varieties sake and based on freezer space.

I made a list of what is required for each recipe, noting what I had in my pantry and what was used in multiple recipes. I sorted that list by where items would be purchased, breaking the list into Farmer's Market, Bulk Store, and Grocery Store. 

 First stop, Farmer's Market! This spread just makes me happy and excited to eat healthily.
I will be prepping all the meals on Friday as well making some other awesome yummies.
Please stay tuned!

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