Monday, October 15, 2012

Metalwork Monday: Zarra Necklace

A new season brings new trends and new styles. Recently, one of my co-workers came in sporting a fabulous necklace with two types of chain and some metal discs. After staring at here several times through the day, I asked if I could design a piece based on it. She said that I could as long as I named it for her-hence the "Zarra"!

I started with two small copper discs, a larger disc, a copper washer of the same diameter and two different types of chain.

I ran all the pieces through the rolling mill and gave them a dunk in liver of sulfur. I domed the washer to make a locket style pendant. I punched teo holes in each of the smaller discs so I could add chain on both sides. 

I added the smaller chain on the same side as the smaller discs and assembled the pendant at the bottom. The texture of the backing piece shows through the washer. The texture is different on each piece and I love how it all came together. I am ready to rock all my fall fashions.

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