Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Flannel Coziness

I love to putter around with my sewing machine. I like the methodology of sewing quilt squares and the whimsy of making up projects as I go, like my mason jar cozy. But I am a big girl, it is time to make something from a pattern. 

I figured that I would start off by making something that no one outside my house would see.
I am especially partial to long cozy nightgowns, so that is where I shall begin.
Even though I purchased the right amount of yardage for the pattern and followed to layout directions, I COULD NOT get all the pattern pieces to fit. No biggie, I am going to make the pocket, hood, and yoke from a coordinating fabric.

I will keep you posted on the construction progress, though I do need a little help with the pattern instructions in places. Wish me luck!

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