Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013: The Year of the Blanket

When I conceived of this Granny 365 project, I oddly didn't have a plan in mind for what I would do with all those squares. I realized, of course, that it would be enough to do at least a couple afghans but didn't have a color plan or even a recipient in mind.

Luckily, at Christmas, I was hanging with my sweetie's mom, who is a very avid crocheter. She drug out pattern magazine from the 70s. There it was...my inspiration!

Only 80 to go!

I will be making an afghan for our bed of classic solid color squares. Once that is done, I will make a bunch of multi-colored and multi-patterned squared for a crazy quilt-type afghan!

I also received a great 40th birthday gift, a US map quilt template from Haptic Lab. I will be embridering the entire US on the quilt face. I may even do some piecing on the states. Eeek! I need a very large quilt frame, stat!

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