Sunday, January 20, 2013

Breaking New Ground

I know that it may seem cliche and a little overplayed to be focused on new things at the start of the year. So be it. I have decided that even though I may not be able t actually open my own embroidery shop/tea bar this year, there is no harm in going through some of the processes and perhaps even start an online store by the end of the year.

Besides taking some business planning and financial courses, I definitely need to brush up on my drawing skills in order to design patterns. A great friend who has an illustration background will be giving me lessons and this summer, I plan on taking a class. 

In  the meantime, the internet and various wikis are my friend.

This is first completed sketch that could be converted to a pattern. 
A little rough, but ya have to start somewhere.

Simple yet identifiable.

Also, still plugging way on my blue squares. I am looking forward to having this lovely piece on our bed but also can't wait to start making multi-colored fun squares.

Side note: a great brunch of focaccia, goat cheese, and grape chutney =awesome. Add a mystery novel, and you have bliss.

Lastly, but most importantly, I would not be able to do any of this today without my new glasses. I waited for the optician to call like most girls wait for their crush. Some adjusting will be necessary, but I am back in the making game!

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