Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Reboot

Hello world! I am definitely still here and still making. That is actual l part if the reason that I have not been blogging--I have been super duper busy making things! All but two of my holiday gifts were handmade--many embroidered, several crocheted, some artwork, some needle felted--and they all took lots of time.

I have been making in the new year too. Several friends and even some strangers and I have embarked on a project: Granny 365. We have all committed to making at least 1 granny square a day all year. We will all be making different things with them, but it is great to have a tiny creative goal everyday. Please join us!

I have also recommitted to a healthy lifestyle. My running injury really had me down on myself and I let things slip. But in the new year, I have begun tracking my food, I have gone to the gym several days in a row, and even went for a teeny run. I know that zillions of people make this resolution, but I am looking forward to a lifelong lifestyle and attitude change. I have found tons of healthy and tasty recipes at Cooking Light and Skinny Taste and of course, my most favorite food bog, The Cozy Herivore. Her absolutely amazing quinoa porridge recipe may be my new favorite food.

I have been working on my creative spaces, doing a little sprucing up and 
making things even more my style.

Above is one of the projects that took me away from the blog for so long. I am really happy to have taken the time to make this for my 4-year old "niece" who is just learning the alphabet.
 It is a wonderful pattern from Sublime Stitching
Jenny's patterns are great to work with and most are available as PDFs.

As we roll further into 2013, please stay with me as I grow (yet shrink), create, cook, and take joy in the little things!

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  1. That's it -- I'm going to learn how to embroider.