Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Tuesday: Tray Upcycle

Sometimes, everyday things need just need a little spruce up. Perfect example, this tray. It originally held programs at a formerly important event and then got a quick coat of brown paint and stored supplies under a now defunct aquarium. I admit to occasionally enjoying a meal in front of the TV. Let's be honest here, doesn't everyone? The pain is making multiple trips to/from the kitchen. Inspiration struck while watching Downton Abbey. Watching Carson and the footmen carrying in tea and such on nice trays and salvers, I  devised a way to redo the tray in a way that even the Dowager Countess would approve.

The tray is wooden, from the craft store. It was originally cream with gold trim and then hastily covered with brown craft paint. Not very appealing. For this upcycle, I painted the tray with every crafter's secret weapon:  GOLD SPRAY PAINT!

Next, I trimmed a piece of cardboard the fit inside the tray, allowing a little space for fabric.
Sadly, I forgot to take of photo of the fabric covering process. I simple cut a piece of fabric with pinking shears a little larger than the cardboard. I sprayed the cardboard with craft adhesive and wrapped the fabric around it, folding hospital corners so it would lie flat. I placed the fabric-covered cardboard in the tray and was ready to go. I did not tack the fabric down so that I could launder or swap out the fabric as desired.

My Downtown worthy dinner on a tray that Carson would be proud to carry :)

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