Monday, January 14, 2013

It's about time

No, really. It's about time. I have realized that that is my major stressor. It isn't actually what I have to get done that stresses me out, but rather the time I have to do it in. I will admit to taking on more than I should. But can't that be said for nearly everyone?

I find myself becoming more stingy with my time and sometimes, even resenting my obligations. I freely agreed to work on all three plays at my school this year--directing, designing, and building two and just designing and building the musical. I spend three nights a week in the auditorium working with my students. And sadly, those are nine hours that I want back at the moment.

I love it, but it takes so much time!

Between working a full-time job, the plays, maintaining a healthy relationship, going to the gym, housework and creating, I am feeling a little pulled thin. I struggle with the resentment and the moods that can create. I have resolved to maintain a more positive outlook, but want to be honest with myself and with those that depend upon me.  

How do you all manage these pulls on your time?

We DID make time to make brunch together and spend some one-on-one time...absolutely vital!

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  1. You are beating yourself up for nothing! That schedule sounds like more than anyone can manage no matter how efficiently they use their time. You must say no to everything that is not a Heck YES! and then prioritize the Heck YESes! and eliminate some of them. Rather than resent it, do it with grace as you say that you are sorry you will be unable to do this in the future.