Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Stitchy Things

This morning while I was booting up my computer, preparing to tackle yet another spread sheet, I decided that I would rather be stitching. Not a huge news flash, I know. But as my machine came to life, I caught a whiff of the tea steeping next to me. "That's it!, " I declared (in my head.) If I could I would open an embroidery shop with a tea bar. Of course, this is absolutely no time to be starting a business even if I did have the money to, which I don't. But I can share my favorite designers with could even come over for a cup of tea.

On a whim, I decided to learn to embroider last fall. My local quilt shop had darling little patterns by Penguin and Fish. I snapped on up and went home to learn. Luckily, Wendi Gratz has an amazing Embroidery School on her blog. Wendi also had wonderful patterns...lotsa fun monsters.

Once, I stitched up Penguin and Fish's Fox, I was HOOKED. I then bought her newt, owl, hedgehog (my favorite pattern of hers), jellyfish and quail. It was love at first stitch.

Then I discovered Wild Olive. Mollie is like the most talented designer ever. I'll admit, I kinda have bit of a girl crush. I have stitched MANY of her designers, but I think that Crafty Characters may be my favorite.

Do you like cute things? Who am I kidding? EVERYONE likes cute things. Look no further than Aimee Ray and her awesome books. Luckily, my local library had The Motif Collection (with CD.) I made a great tea towel using her veggies patterns (Stay tuned for a photo soon!) Her books are well worth the investment.

I love smart and classy patterns and So September has us covered. This is my favorite.

How me is this pattern? Seriously. This is my next purchase for sure!
All the patterns at Follow the White Bunny are adorable and her animals are super-cute.

And everyone knows how I feel about Sublime Stitching! Jenny can do no wrong in my book.

I have tried my hand at a couple patterns and may even submit on to a publication this year. I will have to work on my drawing skills, but hey, embroidery shops/tea bars don't open without some hard work! ;)

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