Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Tuesday: Doctor Who Washi Tape

I am not a a girl who is super trendy...geeks rarely are. I was loving Doctor Who LONG before it was the greatest thing going. Granted, the current trendy bit makes it easier to get Whovian merchandise! One trend that I am intrigued by but have not yet embraced is washi tape. 

What better way to celebrate it than to combine it with one of my favorite things? 

Ready to adorn!!
My supplies: double-sided tape, Doctor Who comics (picked
up at my local thrift store for a song), brayer, and scissors.
Chose the images you love and place them FACEDOWN.
Place the tape over the sections that you want.
Roll with brayer to assure maximum stickage.
Cut along the tape to make strips.
Roll, enjoy, adorn to your (two) hearts content!

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