Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Felt Flowers

Sometimes an outfit needs a little something. A flower is always a good way to spruce things up, even when they aren't in season. This flower works great a a brooch or you could attach it to headband to liven up your 'do!

I started by drawing a template on a thin piece of cardboard.
I drew a flower and a circle.

I traced them onto the fabric using a sharpie. You could use pencil
so you can cut over the lines or just hold the template
to the fabric so there are no lines. I wanted my petals to have a "dipped"
edge, so I went with marker.

On some flowers, I extended the edging the make the petals
look really dipped.

I folded each flower in half and then in half again. I snipped off
the point and applied hot glue. I attached each flower to the circle. I started
on the edges and filled in the center.

Once the petals were all attached, I glued a small piece of fabric
over a pin. You could apply the same technique to a headband.

Ready to brighten up your day!

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