Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stitchy Saturday: Birdie Brooches

When it rains, sometimes it really pours. Right after getting over walking pneumonia, I had a show premiering and life was just a little bit overwhelming.

 I was really bummed that I had to take a week off, I was concerned that once I took a break that I wouldn't be able to come back with vigor. I admit that I lost my zeal for a little while there. I haven't made anything in over a week. That is rough. I signed up to do a quilt block swap this month (whoops!) and I have until Friday to design, make, and ship four blocks.Yikes!

 My sweetie and I went to a great plant sale this morning and spent several hours working on his plot in the community garden before he left for a business trip. I dropped a pretty sizable chunk of change on flowers, veggies and herbs for the many gardens that surround my home. Not one of them is ready for them. 

But, I will hit my stride again. I can finally run again, albeit in small amounts for now. I will come back, on the rad and in the studio.

A little something that I whipped up just before the show was a series of birdie brooches to spruce up my spring wardrobe. They will help me wing my way back to normal.

The supplies: felt, fun fabric,
embroidery floss, and a pin.
I cut out the pattern out of both felt and a fun fabric. I cut
the wing out of the same fabric.
I stitched the wing on with the back stitch, used the satin stitch for
the beak, and a couple seed stitches for the eye. I sewed the pin to the
right side of the fun fabric. I used the blanket stitch to connect the two
pieces (wrong sides together.) I love them! They are so quick and are
a great way to use small scraps.

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