Sunday, January 18, 2015

Needle Felted Wool Ball Garland How-To

I'm a gal who likes a garland or a bunting and some sparkly lights. What can I say, I'm fancy. 

I have crocheted snowflakes for a garland, made a fun fabric bunting, and I am currently stitching up the hearts from Shiny Happy World  to make a new garland. But today, I decided that I needed something not-so-seasonal for in between times. Hence, the needle felted wool ball garland!

I choose some fun colors from my basket of rovings and pulled out a small amount of each.

I gave to warm water method a try, but didn't have much luck. 
I stuck with the tried and true method using my multi-needle tool and brush base.
I could have wet-felted them afterwards, but I like the fuzzy look.

I made balls in a variety of sizes for my garland.

I used my cool Lion Brand Bon-Bon yarn in bright pink and busted out the sequins.
I threaded to yarn on an embroidery needle and alternated sequins and wool balls.

Love it!

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