Sunday, March 16, 2014

Phoenix rising

To say  that the past year has been a roller coaster in an understatement.
I lost my job and it took me a long-time to find another long-term one. I am thankful for my time as a substitute teacher, but it was definitely a draining experience. Not only that, but it was also a humbling, embarrassing, and humiliating experience. Over-qualified is a hurtful word and every rejection feels like a smack in the face.

My entire life self-worth, my fitness, even my creativity. The blog went by the wayside as did so much else. Even six months into my new job, I am still struggling back to the surface. 

Not that I have been idle. Far from it. 

I did run the half-marathon that
 I thought that I couldn't. Huh.

I turned 41 and actually enjoyed it.

I directed the hardest and arguably the best thing that ever done, King Lear.
I guess all that angst does actually pay off sometimes, albeit in  strange ways.

Lately, I have really been struggling to get back to the things that I do enjoy and relish. Exercise has fallen off the radar, but I registered for the same half-marathon today and tomorrow starts a wellness challenge at work. It will be difficult for me to begin with but I am really hoping to self-motivate. I bought a FitBit to track my progress and keep me accountable. I will let you know how that works out...

I have tried to also kick start my craftiness.. I have been working on this afghan for a good long while and decided that it was tome to start blocking squares since I only have two colors left to complete.

I guess that you could say that I cheated, since I am using acrylic yarn and am blocking using chopsticks/knitting needles and Styrofoam.

And I am getting back into big healthy cooking again...finally. The shamrock frittata from SkinnyTaste seemed appropriate.

Thanks for all who have stood with me this past year. I am back. I am here to stay.


  1. Yay, Weas!! Back better than ever!

  2. I really admire your honesty. I'm at the 1 year anniversary of some health problems. I'm starting to get my energy back now, which is wonderful. But life's stresses continue. And we do forget to take care of ourselves first.