Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Ventures, New Adventures!

I have always been a thinker and often-times, an over-thinker. Many people are guilty of this (especially women.) Since losing my job, I have had PLENTY of time to think. Sometimes, I think about my worth or lack thereof. It is truly amazing how much of our self-worth is linked to our jobs. It defines us and I felt as though I lacked definition. That is until last night...

After a fabulous anniversary dinner date/trip to the library with my sweetie, it struck me: I AM AN ARTIST. Therefore, I have a job. I have been given a gift: time. I get to experiment in the kitchen, garden, walk, take photos, sing and dance, enjoy the sun, see my friends, and CREATE. Sitting behind a desk would limit these experiences, so why am I moaning. I should be reveling in it.

I have decided to spend the rest of the time I have been given doing just that. I will be focusing more on creating embroidery patterns to share and to sell. I will complete that blasted set model. I will embellish. I will make. JOY!
This summer: 

I have gotten to make new complicated recipes and even adapt a few of my own. 

I have explored.

I have embraced cultures, danced, and smiled.

I have enjoyed the splendor of nature (and cooled off!)

I have enjoyed special moments with special people.

I have acted like a kid. 

I am free. I will survive and thrive. 
Stay tuned for my next new step, teany.tiny.stiches.
 My first designs will be inspired by Downton Abbey.
Thank you all for your support!
(The photos were all taken with Instagram and many were edited altered by a fantastic app by A Beautiful Mess. Emma and Elsie are true inspirations.

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