Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Upcycled Clothes Pin Bag

When we are kids, we never truly value the cool things that are around us. I remember both my mom and grandma having a clothes pin bag that they scooted along the line as they hung out clothes. It was just there: something that always was. A part of life. As an adult, I have stored my pins in a wicker basket and have never been completely satisfied. It occurred to me that I wanted what we had growing up, but they are tough to find. Time to make up a pattern and get going!

Like everyone else that I know, I have a fabric stash. You could use something from there, use tea towels, old bath towels, a pillowcase, or do what I did: use part of a soft and sweet vintage sheet. It had been used so many times that it started to wear through and rip.
 A new life if in store for it here! I took a section about 14 inches wide (the width of the pants bar on my wooden hanger) and approximately 36 inches long.

I am obsessed so I knew that I needed to add some. I found this a local shop that resells donated fabric, trims, and notions a while back and have worked it in to many projects. I sewed a strip along the edge that will be the opening and another about two inches down. This is where you can be super creative with ribbon, applique, embroidery, whatever you love!

I knew that I wanted a pretty sizable bag, hence the 36 inch total length  but again you could make the bag whatever size suits you and your fabric. Once I sewed on the trim, I folded up the edge with right sides together. I sewed the sides up and turned it right side out.

Lastly, I sewed a strip of hook and loop tape to the top edge (which as nicely finished since I used the top edge of the sheet) and another strip about 3 inches down, both on the right side of the fabric. I folded it over the pants bar and loaded it up.

Ready to hang! 

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