Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Comfort Food Re-imagined

Being chronically under-employed has it perks: I get to work in the garden more, I get to hone skills, I get to spend many of my days with my students, I get to try some new things that I did not have as much time for before. It also has its pitfalls: depression comes in waves, I am unmotivated to do new projects, and I eat...more than I should. As many women before me, my go-to stress snacks are sweet and crunchy. Ice cream though is expensive and fattening. Enter chocolate banana "nice" cream sandwiches!

Start with a tray of frozen banana coins. Just slices them up and throw them on some waxed paper until they are frozen through. Once I remove them from the chill chest, I let them soften for 15-20 minutes out of kindness to my food processor.

Now, you could leave the bananas plain. I have done that plenty of times. Sometimes, though, a sad girl needs chocolate. I added about 3 tables of baking cocoa and two tablespoons of cinnamon. Next time, I would decrease the cinnamon a bit. 

Pulse in the food processor until smooth and you are ready for a one-woman gorgefest to put it in the freezer to harden a little.

Scoop onto a cinnamon graham cracker (or your cookie of choice)  and topped with its partner, you have a guilt-free indulgence! Now to projects and jogs, optimism and hope!

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