Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back from the Dead...with projects!

When you decide to become a blogger, you always have great intentions: posting valuable and timely content, being engaging and interesting, taking eye-catching photos. Then life happens. Careers change. Relationships need work. Self-confidence and self-worth plummet. Well, not always, but that is what happened to me.

In early March, I left my job of nearly 12 years. I was devastated and it still stings after nearly three months even though I know it was for the best. I am generally a happier person even though I am under-employed. I am substitute teaching and just wrapped up a play. We have already begun work on the next one and the kids have been a huge source of support. I am seeking full time work (fingers crossed) and trying to stay optimistic.

When your life changes in so many ways, it can be hard to do the things that you love. I went through a period of anti-creation, other than the play. Luckily, the spring snapped me out of that phase and I am creating again.

As my sweetie and I put hours into working on our gardens, I realized that although tool bags and buckets are useful but having tools on my person would be even better. The plan for a garden apron was born. Since finances are tight, I wanted to use materials that I had on-hand. No problem! 

I used an Aunt Martha's Flour Sack tea towel for the base and some designs from one of my favorite designers, Aimee Ray. Her book, Doodle Stitching,has been a huge inspiration to me.

After tracing the designs on to the BOTTOM edge of the BACK of the tea towel with my light table and water soluble pen, I was ready to stitch.  You stitch there because after you line the pocket (so you don't snag your threads), you fold the bottom up to create the pocket.
 (Sorry that I forgot to take a photo.)

I used some scrap home decor fabric from my stash to line the pocket. It the length of the towel and about half the width. I stitch around the entire piece with my handy old-school sewing machine. 

I decided to use rick rack to delineate my pockets, though you could leave it as one large pocket if you prefer. I pulled some felt appliques from my button stash for further embellishment. Lastly, I decided to tint the piece using a tutorial from Mollie at Wild Olive. I adore Mollie's work and I am psyched to be stitching again. She has a Summer Stitching Club that I think that I will splurge on. 

Ready to go!

The herb garden just needs some mulch (yay for free wood chips from our village compost!) and some more weeding along the edges and we are ready to rock!

Thanks for sticking around during my hiatus.
 I hope to be back to myself and back to the blog full time :)

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