Thursday, February 7, 2013

Elementary School Time

Last night, after dinner, I opened my new packages of pens and cracked the spine of a new composition book. It felt like the first day of second grade...and I loved every minute of it. I spent two and a half hours tracing lines onto graph paper and carefully printing out the alphabet. Seriously. And it was awesome.

It was not just repetitive movements and the scratch of the pen, but rather it was my mood lightening and lifting. By the end of the practice, I was happy and smiling. I felt super-creative and calm, kind of like meditation. I can't wait to practice more and learn more fonts and get designing!

Practicing my blog name, (someday) business name, and the tried and true typing phrase :)

I also worked on the journal cover for the second class which is more advanced lettering. This was a great investment of $70...2 classes, a creative outlet, new skills, and a refreshed Weas!

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  1. You've always had such lovely handwriting, but this is totally amazing! Beautiful stuff, as always.