Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Art Class for Grown-Ups!

If you are a regular reader or my friend in the real world, you know that: A. I love learning new things, especially even art/craft-related things, B. I am a huge nerd and actually enjoy talking classes, C. I adore new supplies. D. I would like to design my own embroidery shop and design my own patterns. True story.

Last week, when the favorite guy and I were on our weekly library date, I found this gem:

52 drawing labs! I am so excited. I rushed out to stock up on more supplies and jumped right in.

I have spent a little while everyday working on a lab or two. It is challenging yet rewarding. 
Some samples from Lab 1: Drawing Cats in Bed

I think once I refine this last one, he will become the basis of a new pattern. Yay!

Once I have worked through the book, I am contemplating taking on of the author, Carla Sonheim's online classes. I am thinking that "The Art of Silliness" sounds right up my alley.

Speaking of classes, whilst I was prowling around the design section of Pinterest, I discovered a few great lettering artists including Mary Kate McDevitt and Joanna Sharpe. SO INSPIRING! That is totally a skill that I want to develop. Enter the magical galactic interwebs: I have registered for two online classes with Joanne: Lettering Love and Artful Alphabets. Another supply run tonight and I am on my way! 

I am refreshed by new skills, taking a few days away from Facebook, I have the week of from rehearsals since I was so diligent getting things built. This is the turning point, I think. Good things on the horizon.

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